Big Data and Predictive Analytics
with Deep Learning

Computer Vision, Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart applications


Our deep learning solutions are developed based on the understanding of the brain, its structure and functionality. It incorporates a number of soft computing techniques to deliver:

  • Human like intelligence
  • Robust design
  • Increased self learning capacity
  • Spatial-temporal modelling and inference


Our solutions are based on state of the art deep learning techniques that mimic human information processing and reasoning mechanisms for complex and uncertain data and processes.


Intelligent Safety
Warning System
for Drivers

Flood Ultra-Cognitive Dendrite (FLUD)-Urban flood monitoring and forecasting


Querify natural language processing tool for intelligent information retrieval



International Workshop on Internet of Autonomous Vehicles (INAVEC)

Call for Papers Today, intelligent transportation systems (ITS) have emerged to enhance the efficiency of existing transportation schemes by providing greater services and efficiencies while enhancing safety and security in the mobility of people and merchandise. One...

Coventry University Excellence Award

Interactive Coventry (IC) was recommended and shortlisted for Coventry University Excellence Award for being one of the fastest growing spin-outs of Coventry University. IC has invested heavily in R&D and managed to increase its research revenue by an astonishing...


Dr Rahat Iqbal was invited to deliver a keynote speech on new mobility and smart city in in FEAL2018, a prestigious event aiming to introduce the automotive industry in the Big Data era. The event was called “FEAL2018-The Future of Automotive in Europe”...

Our AI solutions are supported by the NVIDIA inception program

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Interactive Coventry (IC) provides solutions to reduce the complexity and cognitive burden on accessing and processing large volumes of data.

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