We deliver high precision industrial vision inspection systems, multiple services and products to solve industrial vision problems. Our solutions improve the performance of currently known deep neural network architectures and outperforms other industrial vision systems in many application domains and industries such as automotive, food processing, robotics, healthcare, medical, aerospace and electronics. Our solutions are focused on inspection, identification, object identification and localisation, gauging, improved safety, preventive maintenance, verification and factory automation.


  • Rigorous analysis of spatial and temporal patterns
  • Robust classification of objects with a scene
  • Light architecture to be used in embedded systems 
  • Friendly interface to train the model for various applications


We develop powerful machine vision for quality control. Our solutions are easy to deploy, cost-efficient and faster than the traditional vision inspection system. Our systems use both standard vision inspection tools as well as state of the art deep learning techniques. All our solutions are integrated by our experts who provide comprehensive and reliable support.   

Vision Systems and Sensors

General purpose, powerful vision systems, sensors, cameras and components for machine vision inspection

In-Process Inspection Machines

State-of-the-art dynamic vision systems for quality control in automotive industry.

Robot Inspection

Highly flexible state-of-the-art robot inspection cells for accurate quality inspection providing complete coverage.

Quality Inspection Machines

Inspection machines for high speed quality control.

PCB Inspection Systems

Powerful and dynamic automated optical inspection of components, connectors, coatings and solder for PCB manufacturing.module Advanced settings.

Automated Vision Inspection Bench

Manually loaded machine vision inspection benches and cells for quality control. Automate repetitive and critical quality checks.

Sub-Assembly Vision Inspection

Advanced vision system inspection systems and machines for sub-assembly quality checks and verification in automotive manufacturing.

Packaging Inspection Machines

Class-leading packaging vision inspection machines for high speed quality control and verification in printing and packaging industries.


Interactive Coventry provides inspection, automation and quality inspection to a wide number of manufacturing industry sectors. Our bespoke solutions range from vision system component supply up to fully customised systems designed, built and installed by our expert engineers.


Our machine vision systems can be used to inspect and identify almost every type of part, component and sub-assembly used in automotive production lines.


Our bespoke solutions can be integrated seamlessly with other machines and production lines and are perfect for quality inspection, portion inspection, foreign object inspection, assembly verification, traceability, automated sorting and many more.


We have extensive knowledge of integrating vision inspection systems into medical devices. Our solutions can be used for OCR, Label placement, dimensional inspection, feature presence verification, tablet inspection and many more.

Factory Automation

Our solutions can become a major contributor to help increase your productivity, improve your yield, increase the overall quality and reduce the operational costs. We offer the most powerful vision solutions that can be used in all areas of factory automation and quality inspection.

Customer Products

Our machine learning solutions can identify inconsistencies and sort products based on multiple characteristics. They support automation and verify that parts are assembled correctly.

Print & Packaging

Machine vision is crucial in ensuring the quality and integrity packaging. Our high speed, accurate custom vision inspection systems can inspect every product and guarantee the product is packaged correctly before it leaves the factory.


Our vision inspection solutions can be used in Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) solutions, Component verification, Solder inspection, Print and text inspection, Surface inspection, Product traceability and many more.


We can support your whole project lifecycle. Our experts can help to create the initial specification, identify requirements, integrate, test and commission your production line. We can work with the chosen machine builder and integrator.


You can try one of our vision tools on-line by pressing the DEMO link.

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Interactive Coventry (IC) provides solutions to reduce the complexity and cognitive burden on accessing and processing large volumes of data.

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